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From Basic Car Parts,

I ordered a radiator for my 95 Mercedes 500SL.

I was invoiced for a 92 Mercedes.

I said I had a 500SL, not a sedan.

They insisted it was the correct one, they shipped it.

Imagine my lack of surprise when I took it out of the box and inspected it, next to the one in my car. It was the wrong one.

I was told to return the wrong one at my expense and they would give me a credit until they found the right one.

I told them to send me a pre-paid shipping ticket and credit my card, immediately.

They refused.

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i used to work at basic car parts!!! they are all *** heads!!! and *** who cheat on their husbands,,, hmmhmmmmhmmmm stacey!


Stacey, Bo called me about ANOTHER wrong radiator sent to me.

Why should the consumer have to pay to return the faulty merchandise? It wasn't my fault.

I'm supposed to spend another $25 and then wait to get reimbursed, when you can e-mail me pre-paid postage label?

I don't think so.

What's so hard about that? Bo said there was nobody in that department, at this time.


I work for Basic Car Parts, after seeing this and researching to find out what is being done on this order, I found that just yesterday, on April 7, 2011 9:19:11 AM, this customer called requesting a return label and was told that we do not send out labels by our service manager as he say's, however he is failing to mention that we told him we would reimburse him for the return shipping costs in addition to a full refund as a result of receiving the incorrect part.


if you call them everyday and write a nasty e-mail to there customer service rep they will hesitently give you what you want make sure you threaten to use an attorney if needed and with all the complaints againt them it will work thats what i had to do

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