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this company is terrible at answering or returning phone calls. first, they got the shipping address wrong, then never called, saying it was shipped, but never was!

almost a month later i still haven't recieved the parts. and of course, they still are not calling me back or even answering their phones! I would not recommend them to anyone! you can and should check elsewhere, you can get the parts cheaper.

How maqny times do you have to try to call them? I have tried for the last several days.

No answer. None of their numbers will take yoy to anyone who answers.

Monetary Loss: $850.

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thie worst place...noone will answer phone when there is a return or problem...not only that but tue give you someone else ext and say it theirs to avoid contact


maybe that person doesnt work there anymore. ever thought of dialing another extension?


I am glad I read your review I have been trying to contact them and same thing has happened to me I get a phone number and and ext. but no one answers and I can't even leave a message...I will not be ordering my part from them THANKS

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